Family & Personal Status

UAE is home to 70 nationalities and has an 80% expat population. We advise our clients on the need, benefits and implications of a well-planned family and estate planning plan. This ensures a smooth transition during probate administration or arranging the disposal of an estate.

We use various dispute resolution methods and attempt to use the court system as a last resort.


We specialize in family lawsuits for people of all religions. We handle all matters related to marriage, divorce, child custody, but also succession and inheritance. Our lawyers are committed, competent and caring and handle each case with the utmost sensitivity and straight-forward approach. We use various dispute resolution methods including negotiation and mediation and attempt to use the court system as a last resort.






Right to forget
April 4, 2017

Eric Schmidt, chairman of the board of directors of Google, did not hide his concern at the European Court of Justice ruling on the case filed by Spaniard Mario Costega Google, which demanded the removal of a link to an article published in a Spanish newspaper in 1998, the sale of some of his.....

Family businesses and institutional framework
April 4, 2017

As usual, every day, I went to the tailor's shop owned by an old Asian man who, from the very early age, used to sew the clothes of the holiday, the old man who painted the long and hard work years on his features. He began his work in 1975 in a modest sewing shop, There are three shops in which.....