Franchise & Company Set-Up

Because Dubai is one of the fastest growing investment destinations in the world, there is no surprise that an increasing number of F&B, Retail and SMEs are looking to establish their presence here. With more than 120 nationalities residing in the city, and an extensive tourist component in the GCC’s commercial hub, Dubai, has been coined as a window to the world. Franchises are quite common in the UAE and are considered to be one of the good markets for franchisors who want to test their products or services with a diverse mix of people. If you’ve ever been to any of the populated areas of the Dubai you see recognizable and famous international brands; coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, food and beverage companies, cloth designers, ice cream shops, bodegas etc. You see the trademarks of international businesses everywhere you go. You enjoy their services and venues and deal with them on daily basis. It is simple you go there as a consumer and you pay the price, get services and items with international quality and in minutes you go on your way. Even for Franchisees the opening of a franchise of a reputable and successful brand in the Dubai can prove very lucrative. The benefits of running a franchise include immediate brand recognition, support and direction from the franchisor and then the freedom to manage your own business.

We assist with setting up of business entities such as sole establishments, partnerships, LLCs, public companies and free zone companies in the UAE.

As their partner, our full-fledged team of lawyers and associates are capable of assisting with all the incorporation and business setup requirements.

The opportunities Dubai presents, along with the UAE’s strong connections with some key financial and international markets, make this a region of choice for franchising. We, at Mahmood Hussain Advocates and Legal Consultancy, believe that franchising will continue to play a major role in the UAE economy going forward and franchisors should not be afraid to do business here.  However, there are certain UAE law specific issues that do need to be dealt with over and above the standard issues that arise in the context of negotiating franchise agreements and it is always advisable to get local law advice before entering into any franchise arrangement. Certainly, we continue to see a stable tide of enquiries from both franchisees and franchisors relating to the establishment of new franchised brands in the UAE.

Our integrated package of services includes the establishment of business entities such as sole establishments, general partnerships, limited liability companies, public joint stock companies and free zone companies in the UAE.